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Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you may have a few questions so here is a collection of the most common ones we get followed by our responses (click on the question to see answer). If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below or call 866-532-7837.

Do you pay fair market (appraised) value or how do you determine your offer?

We make a fair offer based on the features and condition of the property, the time and cost to make repairs to get the house to top retail condition, and local market conditions including sales of comparable houses in your area. We pay cash and don’t ask you to pay for any repairs or closing cost so our offer will typically be below an appraised or market value if you sold your home a more traditional way by making repairs and listing on the market for several months. This may get you a higher sale price but typically the amount you net (amount you take away at closing) is typically 82-88% of the sales price due to real estate commissions, buyer closing cost/fees paid by the seller, repairs, holding cost, etc. What we offer you is what you net and get in your pocket at closing (less any loans or taxes owed on the property).

Is there any type house you do not buy? Do you buy mobile homes, condominiums, or land?

We buy all types of houses in any condition and any area. We have purchased properties from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand. We have purchased houses in a wide range of conditions from ones that needed extensive and major renovations to ones that needed minor cosmetic work such as carpet and paint. We also buy condominiums, townhouses, mobile homes, apartments, commercial retail/office, and raw land.

Can you really close in 7 days?

Yes, we have closed in as fast as 3 days but typically we close in 7-14 days depending on your situation. If we met you and agreed on a price this week, we would most likely close and have cash in your hand by next Friday.

I am behind on payments or facing foreclosure, can you help?

Yes, we are able to make an offer and buy your house provided the foreclosure sale has not yet occurred. So, if you are facing foreclosure or behind on payments, the sooner you get help the better. By selling the house you can avoid additional penalties and fees that may get you more cash. We specialize in acting fast and can even speak to your lender to handle all of the details if necessary. If you are facing foreclosure you should always first communicate with your lender and possibly seek the advice of an attorney.

Is there any obligation to work with you, any hidden cost or agreements to sign?

There is absolutely no obligation to work with us or sell your house. We provide you an offer along with any explanations and information needed to help you make your decision on what is best for you. You can consider our offer and accept it or discard it and move on. If we agree on a price we will both sign a simple one-page purchase agreement that is provided to the closing company so they know what to do. We will never force anyone to do anything. We take pride in treating everyone fairly and just ask that you do the same with us.

Do I need a realtor? Are you realtors? What if I have a realtor?

There is no need for a realtor to be involved in the transaction. We are professional house buyers with years of experience. We have a team of professionals to assist with the process. Our first goal is to provide you an offer that works for you so you can sell your house in a few days. We know that this is not always the best option so we have quick sale real estate agents on our team to provide you an additional resource if that is what you need. If you are already working with a realtor or would like to have one represent you, we can still buy your house by coordinating the offer and sale with them.   It is always advisable for you to consult with an attorney if you feel the need.

I have heard there are deceptive and dishonest house buyers. How do I know you are different?

Unfortunately, there are bad “actors” in all businesses that can give people a negative impression. We know that our reputation is earned by how we treat other people and can’t be purchased or made up with words on a website. We strive to earn your trust from the first contact with you and all the way through the process. Two of our core values are “we care sincerely” and “we do what we say we will do”. Here are some warning signs to look for when dealing with other house buyers that may seem questionable; they request a longer closing time than needed (30-45 days); they don’t have an office or physical business location; the offer amount is too good to be true (a fair amount higher than ours or other legitimate house buyers); they just don’t seem that knowledgeable about the process; they don’t ask proper questions concerning your deed or what may be owed on the property; they don’t ask questions about your needs and what you are looking to accomplish. We wish that these people were not out there but they are and we have seen the damage they have caused first hand such as tying up a property for weeks and then backing out or going to the seller hours before closing and trying to force a lower sale price.

I think I owe too much or more than the house is worth, can you still help?

Yes, we have several options to help you get free from the house and payments and will be happy to discuss each option with you in detail. Briefly, some of those options are: taking over your payments by purchasing it subject to your loan; covering your payments with our guaranteed long-term lease program; negotiating a short sale with your lender.

Kind Words From Our Customers...

“I submitted my information online and had an offer the next day. We closed two weeks later and I was thrilled to be rid of the house.”

Laura T.

“I was contacted within 24 hours after submitting an inquiry online about selling my home. The staff is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend anyone that needs to sell a home fast .”

Karen A.

“I would recommend using Relivest. They were very professional and did everything they said they would do. “

Robert S.

“I could not believe how fast and simple the process was to sell my house. They made me a fair offer and everything went smooth. “

Dan C.

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